Friday 2 March 2018

"Charmay Snowflurry" - Scented Leaf Pelargonium and some views of RHS Garden, Wisley

With the entire UK grasped in the grips of both “The Beast from the East (Siberia) and Storm Emma (from Iberia), the scented leaf pelargoniums are a delightful reminder of summer to come.   “Charmay Snowflurry”, despite its name, does remind me of summer - the lavender flowers sit well against the pale green and white blotched leaves, which have a lemon-rose scent.       “Charmay Snowflurry” was raised by Ken Attfield, Australia.

Leaves of Charmay Snowflurry

I have made several visits to RHS Garden, Wisley recently.  Here are some of the photographs I took

The following two pictures are part of the lights display that RHS Wisley put on before Christmas.  They were just setting it up when I was there.

More photo's of my visits to RHS Garden, Wisley can be seen on my other blog - Camera Capers


  1. Very nice geranium. There are beautiful flowers and decorations in the nice garden visited. Regards.

  2. Good to have some warming pictures.

  3. Beautiful photos, Gwen. In California, 'Charmay Snowflurry' grows huge. It's delightful anyway.

  4. Great photos Gwen! Is that your new camera?

    1. Thanks Liga. Photo's were taken with my Nikon D60


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