Thursday 7 September 2017

Dwarf Tri-colour pelargonium "Jip's Timmy" and Kew Gardens

"Jip's Timmy"
The Dwarf Tri-colour zonal pelargonium, "Jip's Timmy" is a firm favourite of mine.   The double pale pink flowers go well with the tri-coloured leaves - something I find is not always the case with tri-coloured leaf zonals.    Pelargoniums with the pre-fix "Jip's" are raised by Tony Burgess, UK.  He told me 'Jip' was the name of a favourite family dog.

I went to Kew Gardens this week with the Village Garden Club.   It is several years since I was there last.    Sadly we did not have good weather for our trip. Fortunately it was dry most of the day, but it was very dull and overcast.    I opted to go on the walking tour with a Guide and we were in a group of 12.   Unfortunately we found it difficult to hear the Guide, partly because of the noise from the aeroplanes overhead (Kew is under the flight path from Heathrow Airport), but also the lady had a very quiet voice.   Having said that, we did find it mostly informative. She pointed out some of the original plants in the famous Palm House and then several trees around the grounds.   For the afternoon, we were free to go where we wanted and my friend and I opted for the Princess Of Wales glasshouse - well my choice really as I love the plants growing in this temperate glass house. Orchids, lots of orchids, ferns and other tropical plants.  Cacti and succulents and, of course, several pelargoniums.   We then went to the Alpine House, and then on to the Bonsai   - Marie's choice.   I discovered a part of Kew I had not visited before - the small Bonsai section, two vegetable gardens (the students and Kew's), flowers beds and a huge rockery area.  It had started to rain by this time and, as it was not long before we had to board our coach for home, we decided it was time for a cup of tea and a cake.

The Palm House

View from the side of the Palm House towards the River Thames and Sion House

I did wonder who was buried under this tree in the Palm House!

End of the Palm House

The Hive

The Princes of Wales Glasshouse

I bet this looks a picture at Christmas - it was about 3 feet wide

P. lanceolatum

P. carnosum

One end of the Alpine House

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