Monday 23 January 2017

Gosbrook Gillan Martin - miniature zonal pelargonium

Gosbrook Gillian Martin =- miniature zonal pelargonium
Miniature zonal pelargonium raised by David Taylor and released in 2010.  Deep lavender pink double flowers.   A strong growing miniature  with green leaves that have a thin bronze zone.   This was named for David’s mother in-law, Gillian Martin.  David says this would make a good show plant.

There is not a lot to do in the greenhouses just now.  The weather has been bitterly cold for the past week with 24 hours frosts.  The garden is beginning to look as if it has had a sprinkling of snow.    The plants are covered over with fleece in one greenhouse which seems to be in a colder part of the garden.   Heaters are on late afternoon or early evening.   I am keeping the plants very dry just now, even the potted on cuttings.


  1. Beautiful color and full of flowers, beautiful. Regards.

  2. Lucky i live next to sea,so it's not so cold here as in Mindlands.But i have heater on too.Love that pelly,do you have it?

    1. Sadly I don;t have this one any more. I lost it a couple of years ago. On my wish list to get again. I am in the south east, just south of London so it is not usually so cold, but it's been coming in from the continent.

  3. Really nice, It is a thing of beauty, Pink always my favorite color. Thanks a lot.

    Storage Max


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