Friday 20 June 2014

Royal Ascot and Beromunster - Decorative Regal pelargoniums

Royal Ascot - Decorative Regal Pelargonium
These are a bit of a mystery.  I started to write about Royal Ascot (being fairly topical just now) and came up against a couple of anomolies.  I knew Royal Ascot is a sport of Beromunster, but where do these come from?

So far I have discovered that Royal Ascot first appeared in the Proceedings (?Committee meetings) at the Royal Horticultural Society  in 1891.   It was awarded a Floral Certificate, one of two awarded at this meeting (the other was an ivy leaf: Beauty of Castle Hill).    Royal Ascot was described as "Brilliant scarlet, white centre, dark blotches, making it Regal group".  It was presented by C. Turner of the Royal Nurseries, Slough.

Beromunster - Decorative Regal pelargonium
I have not been able to ascertain where Beromunster came from - Beromunster is a place in Switzerland, so could that be where it came from - and it must have been before 1891.

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