Tuesday 22 January 2013

Both's Snowflake - a scented pelargonium

"Both's Snowflake" Scented pelargonium

Looking through my Pelargonium photographs for something ‘seasonal’ I came across “Both’s Snowflake”.   It fits the bill don’t you think with all the snow we have had all over the country?

This is a scented variety and because the flower is not white, but a dainty pink, it is often wondered why the name “Both’s Snowflake”.   If you look closely at the leaves on this plant you will see that they are splashed and spotted with white – looking just like snowflakes.

I love the scented pelargoniums – they are a good all year value plant I think.  They have pretty flowers and a lovely scent in the summer, but in the winter I just have to brush my arm across them as I am watering the greenhouses in the winter to bring me a reminder of summers past and summer to come.    The leaves of “Both’s Snowflake “are deeply incised and have a rose/lemon scent.    I haven’t grown this plant for several years now, but it is a sprawling plant and suitable for growing in a patio container.

Many of you will know Ted Both as the South Australian hybridiser and introducer of the Stellar varieties.  He also hybridised many other types of pelargoniums, but I think “Both’s Snowflake” is the only scented variety.   Ted Both also introduced a miniature zonal variety called “Snowflake”, and to avoid confusion the prefix Both’s was added.


  1. Tyle pięknych pelargonii pokazujesz i wszystkie by się chciało mieć. Ta mnie kusi , bo pachnie. Pozdrawiam.
    So many beautiful geraniums showing and all that you wanted to have. This tempts me because it smells. Yours.

  2. I actually have the prettiest little red specimen flowering on my window sill in darkest Devonshire in the snow. Perfect really x


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