Wednesday 9 January 2013


Miniature zonal pelargonium "Marmalade"
This delightful miniature zonal pelargonium was introduced in the USA by Frances Hartsook in 1960.  The plant is aptly named “Marmalade” and has double orange coloured flowers.   The leaves are a very dark green with a darker zone which set of the colour of the flowers perfectly.   

I have to admit, that my choice of plant this week was governed by the name.  Seville oranges are available right now – for just about two weeks, so I must make sure I pick some up at the market on Friday to make marmalade for this year.

The flooding I had in one of my greenhouses has now subsided, thank goodness.  If the rain had continued for much longer I was going to remove all the plants from that greenhouse into the other one which is situated in a slightly higher and drier part of the greenhouse.  I had to do this a couple of years ago.  At times I find the distance between the two greenhouses a bit of a bind – carrying trays backwards and forwards with cuttings and such.   Like everyone else, I am hoping that the rain does not return.  I can cope with cold, but not wet.  

I took advantage of a couple of dry afternoons this week to take a few cuttings – they should be OK in my small propagators’ which are in the conservatory.   I can keep a close eye on them there, and one of them has a small light fixture over it which helps at this time of year.


  1. Pelargonii w takim kolorze jeszcze nie widziałam. Są śliczne. Pozdrawiam.
    Geraniums in the color I have not seen yet. They are beautiful. Yours.


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