Thursday 19 July 2012

Occold Shield - A Cascade pelargonium & a visit to Wisley

P. Occold Shield
One of the brightest pelargoniums in my conservatory just now is Occold Shield, a dwarf plant with bright orange/red semi double flowers and bright gold leaves that have a large dark brown blotch.   A cascade. or P. fruitetorum type zonal pelargonium, Occold Shield is one of a series of zonal pelargopniums with the pre-fix 'Occold' hybridised by the late Rev. Canon Stringer.  Occold Shield was introduced in 1984.

Occold Shield leaves
Cascade pelargoniums are hybridised from the species P. fruitetorum, hence Fruitetorum type.  P. fruitetorum  is found in several places in South Africa and was introduced into Britain in 1932.  It has slender stems and a sprawling scrambling habit.   Other Cascade, or Fruitetorum types are Medallion, Honeywood Suzanne, Charmay Hampshire, Hilbre Island, Sorcery.

At the end of last month I visited R.H.S. Wisley Gardens and was delighted to find their pelargonium display in the glasshouse. 

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  1. Pelargonia kaskadowa ma śliczne listki. W szklarni było co oglądać i cieszyć oczy z pewnością. Pozdrawiam.
    Cascade has a beautiful geranium leaves. The greenhouse was something to see and enjoy the eye of certainty. Yours.


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