Thursday 26 July 2012

Mont Blanc - Silver bi-colour zonal Pelargonium and pelargoniums in South Korea

This is a very cool looking Pelargonium - it certainly lives up to its namesake in the Alps.

Mont Blanc is a silver leaf bi-colour zonal Pelargonium with white single flowers.  Alan Shellard introduced this in 1981.  Not a stunning show off type of Pelargonium - but if you do go into your greenhouse or conservatory at night you will see that it sort of shines - like a lot of white flowered plants.

For the past year I have been in correspondence with Mr Yong-Man Lee who lives in South Korea.  Mr Lee loves to grow pelargoniums, but does have difficulty getting the wonderful named varieties that we have here.  However, he does grow some lovely plants and he recently sent me some photo's that, with his permission, I share with you here.


  1. Ten Pan chyba kocha pelargonie, tak samo jak Ty. Pozdrawiam.
    This man probably loves geraniums, just like you. Yours.

  2. I love the white of the first picture, very delicate and beautiful.

    Gaz: Alternative Eden

  3. I love pelargoniums.... They are so beautiful


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