Tuesday 10 January 2012

Pelargonium iocastum

Low growing and prostrate growth habit Pelargonium iocastum has rounded green unzoned leaves which are sometimes shallowly lobed.    The flowers are a pale purple colour with darker feathering.
P. iocastum is found in the extreme south-western Cape Province, growing mainly in high mountains, but also at lower altitudes.  Because much of the higher altitude is covered in snow occasionally during the winter months, it flowers between September and January, later than usual for pelargoniums in the Cape.

The meaning of the name ‘iocastum’ is not known.

The plant is easy to propagate from seeds or cuttings and requires a well drained, moist compost.  It also requires cooler conditions that usual for pelargoniums.


  1. Ma śliczne chociaż drobne kwiatuszki. Pozdrawiam.

    It has a beautiful but tiny flowers. Yours.

  2. Lovely flower!
    which kind of smelling?

    1. Hi - this is not grown as a scented pelargonium. If it has a scent it would probably be citrus.


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