Friday 30 November 2018

"Maureen" - Dwarf Zonal Pelargonium

Zonal Pelargonium "Maureen"

I don't have much success with the dwarf zonal pelargonium "Maureen".   But next year I am going to "try harder".    Although I have a note that she is a dwarf type, and she is kept in a 4 1/2" pot, I think she wants to be 'set free' so I will try putting her into a 6" pot.  Hopefully, I will then have more of those stunning flower heads.   I love the fully double salmon pink flowers on this plant, and the leaves with their dark zone around the edges of the leaves. 

This pelargonium is not listed in the International Register of Pelargoniums.   The two that are listed area Regal and a Miniature zonal.

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