Sunday 26 August 2018

"Bosham" - Regal Pelargonium

There are two Regals named "Bosham"  listed in The Pelargonium Register, both with the same description and introduced in the same year, so I am guessing one and the same.    Raised by Pearce, UK  before1987 and introduced through Sulman's catalogue 1987.   Bluish violet flowers, freely produced,  with blotches and feathers on top petals.  Compact and free branching.

Perhaps if there are, in fact, two Regal pelargoniums named "Bosham", someone will enlighten me?

It has been a busy summer for me.  The Village Garden Club annual show kept me busy for several weeks.  But it was my last one as Show Secretary, so life will be a bit easier from now on. 

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