Friday 16 December 2016

Angel Pelargonium "Gabriel"

.I had no information about this pelargonium - except it was first listed in the UK in Sulman's Catalogue in 2002.  But Maria in California reminded me it was raised by Jay Kapac in the USA and is one of the archangel series of Angel Pelargoniums.  The others are Michael and Raphael.  Raphael is no longer available in the USA.  It might be still available here in the UK .  Many thanks Maria for this information.  

"Gabriel" is a very pretty Angel Pelargonium which I have grown in the past.  It has small bright cerise flowers with a paler centre. It tends to be rather sprawly so looks good in a hanging pot with lots of pinching out.

It's a quiet time of year in the greenhouses, apart from removing yellowing leaves and any flowers that appear.   I have also been checking over the cuttings I potted up a couple of months ago.   Watering is kept to the very minimum.   The angels I find do need more watering than the zonals, species and scenteds.  When I find I do need to water then I water into the pot rather than the top of the pot and try to avoid splashing water on any leaves.   It can be a slow job.

Happy Christmas to all my followers.   


  1. Hi, Gwen. 'Gabriel' is one of Jay Kapac's "archangel" pelargoniums. The others in that series were 'Michael' and 'Raphael.' The latter seems to have disappeared from circulation.

    1. Thank you so much Maria for reminding me that this is one of Jay's. I have amended my post and acknowledged your help. I have a feeling Raphael might still be here. I will check and amend if necessary.

  2. Was searching for it,and google sent me straight to you :) Nice one!

  3. Beautiful flowers geranium. I wish you a Merry Christmas season!

  4. I wish you a happy 2017 years!


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