Saturday 29 October 2016

Golden Brilliantisima - tri-coloured leaf zonal pelargonium


Syn. Golden Brilliantissimum.  Golden tricolour.  Similar to Contrast, but base colour more yellow.   Small scarlet flowers.  Introduced in 1873 by Gibson and Park simultaneously.

I was given this plant a couple of years ago and I can never tire of it.  The leaves are so bright.  Like all the tri-coloured leaf pelargoniums, It is a slow grower, but worth growing.

I have been taking advantage of the mild weather to take more cuttings, which seem to be rooting fairly quickly.   I do have them in the heated propagator in the conservatory.     Those that have rooted are now potted up.  I will leave them in their 7cm square pots until spring when they will go into appropriate size pots.


  1. I think i do not have this one ,,very pretty! Very mild here too,,,guess what,,i got heated propagator last week :))

    1. It's not readily available. I do have a small one, so if I can will take a cutting for you next spring - assuming I can keep it going over winter! Lucky you with a new propagator. No stopping you now!


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