Friday 12 June 2015

Pelargonium "Ashby" - Scented or not? - plus Cuttings Update and Farnborough Show

The Pelargonium "Ashby" is a stunning plant.  Large magenta flowers with a dark blotch on the upper petals and scented leaves."Ashby" was hybridised by Mrs Popperwell before 2000 and is listed in the Pelargonium Register as a hybrid species. However, several years ago the Pelargonium Judges deemed this to be a Scented, and if shown in any other class to be given NAS (Not as Schedule).   The leaves do have a scent - the Register says 'sweet', but I think it is more like cedar.   Grown well, this makes a beautiful and large plant in a garden container.   There was a very good example by Steve Pollard of how well this can be grown in the Farnborough Show last Saturday - see picture below.

So, how did my Club cuttings fare at the show?  Sadly, for me, I only got a third for one of the plants, despite both of my plants have many more flowers than the other plants in the club cuttings class.  The plant, as I am sure you will have guessed, is Pelargonium grandiflorum - a species.  As such it was judged on quality of the plant, and not the flowers.  I have to admit, I was rather disappointed, but not much I can do about Judging Rules.

The Show was not as well supported as last year, but nevertheless, there was a good display of plants.  I did not do too well in other classes.  I got two Firsts and a Second for pelargoniums - but they were the only specimens in those classes.   I did get a First and a Third for my photographs which I was pleased about.

"Ashby" grown by Steve Pollard and shown in the Scented Leaf class.

Yes - there were some daffodils shown in the class for any flowering plant, not a pelargonium. Amazing for June

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