Monday 11 May 2015


Zonal Pelargonium "Josephine"
There are five pelargoniums named 'Josephine' listed in the register.   Four of them are Zonals and one is a Regal.   This 'Josphine' however, is a basic zonal and was introduced in 1982 by Faye Brawner, author of "Geraniums - The complete Encyclopedia".   The flowers are single and a soft orange colour with a white centre.

The Farnborough Club Cuttings are growing fast (sorry - no picture this week), and have plenty of flower buds.

The International Register of Pelargonium Cultivars is now 'live':
The Register is free to use.  You will have to sign in with an email address and a password, but only once.   It is a very powerful website and new plants, and photographs will continue to be added.

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