Friday 1 May 2015


"Ivory Snow" is a new plant to me.  I got it at the end of last year as a small rooted cutting.   I was attracted to the lime green leaves with a darker centre.   However, I was surprised to notice a couple of weeks ago that my plant has developed leaves with a darker grey/green centre and wide creamy white edges.   I am not sure if this is the way the plant grows.  It will be interesting to see when I take cuttings.  

"Ivory Snow" was introduced in the USA by Shady Hill Nursery in 1979.  It is a variegated sport of a plant called "Snow Mass".  As the name implies, the flowers are pure white and semi-double.   It is said to be "slow and difficult".

My plant has not yet flowered, and my photograph was taken at Fibrex Nurseries.  The flowers are pure white, and I think the slight pink tinge in my photograph is a reflection in my camera lens from the red flowering plant behind it.

Club Cuttings Update

My Farnborough Club cuttings are growing very fast.  They are now in 5" pots.  It is interesting to note that, at the present time one is fairly short jointed, making a pleasing compact plant.  The other has longer joints and is looking a tad straggly.  Both are growing side by side in the conservatory and turned frequently. Flower buds are beginning to appear.


  1. What variety are them cuttings/nice little plants now?

    1. They are P. grandiflorum. We are not supposed to know the name of the plant - but I already have a plant of this. It's interesting how they are growing so differently


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