Monday 13 October 2014

"Dibbinsdale" - Dwarf zonal pelargonium

Dwarf Zonal pelargonium "Dibbinsdale"

A dwarf zonal pelargonium, "Dibbinsdale" has double deep pink flowers which are very striking.  The leaves are green with a very feint zone.   Ken Lea introduced this in around 1992.

Although the weather here in the UK has been mild for the month of October, I am concious that it could suddenly 'turn'.  We have had one frost already, albeit very slight.  As today was forecast to be very wet, as is the rest of the week, I managed to get one of my greenhouses bubble wrapped yesterday.   It's a long process involving removing all plants and other items; giving the whole greenhouse a thorough sweep through and wash down all surfaces and glass with a Jeyes Fluid solution. Once dry, all plants are then replaced, at the same time removing all flowers and any yellow leaves.  It took me most of the day, but it all looks very spick and span - for the moment!    One more greenhouse to tackle when we have a dry day.


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