Monday 19 August 2013

Pelargonium Elmsett - Dwarf gold leaf variety

Dwarf Pelargonium "Elmsett"
With double pale pink flowers spotted and splashed with a light red against gold zoned leaves, Pelargonium "Elmsett" is a dwarf type pelargonium.   Introduced some 30 years ago in 1983, Pelargonium "Elmsett" was hybridised by the late Ray Bidwell, and, as with most of his plants, was named after a village in his home county of Suffolk.  Pelargonium "Elmsett" can still be obtained from Fibrex Nursery and Fir Trees Nursery whose contact details are on listed on the Nurseries tab above.

With autumn fast approaching, and mindful that I am going to be away in France in early September, I am making a start on taking cuttings.  In the past I have used either ready purchased cuttings compost, or lately Fertiss Plugs, but I have been introduced to Coir plugs.   I have found these to be quite successful and hope to continue using them.  They come as compressed plugs and have to be 'awakened' in water.   Quite good value at £9.99 for 100 post free.

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  1. Bardzo ciekawe i śliczne kwiatki ma ta pelargonia. Pozdrawiam.
    Very interesting and beautiful flowers is this geranium. Yours.


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