Saturday 13 April 2013

Regal Pelargonium "Aztec"

"Aztec" Regal Pelargonium

Introduced by Wm. E. Schmidt in 1962, the regal perlargonium "Aztec"  flowers profusely and has a compact and self-branching habit, making it a popular choice still today for exhibitors.     The flowers have a  dark red centre blotch gradually fading to strawberry red and then to white/palest pink around the petal edges. 

There is a version with fringed petals which is  a sport from "Aztec" and was introduced in the U.S.A. in 1973.  It was originally named “Betty Bly”, but was introduced commercially in 1975 as "Fringed Aztec".

This winter has certainly been a challenge.  I have had to admit defeat and have thrown a lot of my plants out.  I took cuttings from those that had fairly good cutting material on them first.   I'm not sure how these cuttings will fare; only time will tell.  Cuttings taken about three weeks ago are now rooting well and will very soon need potting on.  Other plants in the greenhouse have been re-potted.  What we really need now are some bright sunny and warm days and the plants will really perk up and begin to grow. 

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  1. Ta zima nawet Twoim pelargoniom dokuczuła. Ona była za długa. Pokazana pelargonia ma bardzo ładne kwiatki. Życzę powodzenia w uprawie ich. Pozdrawiam.
    This winter even your pelargoniom hurt. She was too long. Shown geranium has a very nice flowers. I wish you success in growing them. Yours.


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