Monday 23 April 2012

Miniature zonal pelargonium "Baby Brocade"

Miniature zonal pelargonium "Baby Brocade"
"Baby Brocade" has the most delicious soft pink petals which shade to a white centre on semi-double flowers.
It was introduced in the USA in 1975.   This one that I have has the word 'original' after its name.  There seems to be more than one "Baby Brocade" since it does 'sport' to a flower with a more solid colour.  


  1. Miniaturowy, ale śliczny. Pozdrawiam.
    A miniature, but lovely. Yours.

  2. Many thanks for the 'Original' Baby Brocade, breed by Miller.
    The most common Baby Brocade is the red & white sport of it, wish have red colour instead of the pink & white that your picture shows.

    Have a nice Walpurgis Night
    Robert in Sweden


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