Thursday 3 November 2011

Auntie Billie - Angel Pelargonium

Angel Pelargonium - Auntie Billie

"Auntie Billie" is another angel pelargonium that I find grows well in a hanging pot, having a fairly lax growing habit.   The petals are a pale pink with dark red veining, almost like a blotch, on the upper two petals and the lower three having a white throat.   The leaves are small and a very bright green.

Hybridised by Malcolm Harris, "Auntie Billie", was introduced in 2003. 

 I have been taking cuttings in the past couple of weeks.  Due to family ill health, I was not able to take many in last August and September, which is when I normally take them.  I have taken mainly zonals, ivy leaf and scented pelargoniums.   Luckily the weather in October here in the UK has been very mild and fairly bright, and I think I will be lucky this year.   So far they are all looking quite healthy.   I have some in the conservatory and some in one of the greenhouses in propagators.   Once I have some well rooted and potted on I will take cuttings from the Angel pelargoniums.

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