Saturday 1 October 2011

"Brunswick" Scented Pelargonium, and a barn owl

Scented Pelargonium "Brunswick"
Scented Pelargonium "Brunswick" has stunning large coral pink flowers with oak leaf type flowers. It was hybridised by Annie Popperwell (now Annie Holmes) and introduced in the UK in 1987. This is another scented pelargonium that grows quite large and would look lovely planted in a pot (note to self - try to obtain a plant next year!).   

My photo was taken at the National Collection of Pelargoniums held at Fibrex Nurseries -  

Earlier in the summer I visited a nearby garden with the village gardening club.  The visit was early in the evening and we were fortunate to see this Barn Owl swooping over the field to the rear of the garden. It was a wonderful sight and  I think most of our members spent their time watching the owl! 


  1. The owl looks very ghostlike! I have Fibrex on my list of nurseries to visit, having seen their stalls at various plant shows.

  2. It's a wonderful nursery - you won't be disappointed. Be sure to visit early summer and take a look at the National Collection of Pelargoniums. Walk to the top of the nursery and almost the last glasshouse on the left.


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