Tuesday 7 June 2011

Unique Phyllis - and a visit to a wonderful nursery.

Unique Pelargonium "Phyllis"
One of the most attractive pelargoniums, I think,  is "Phyllis", an Unique pelargonium.   She certainly is unique because I don't think there is another variegated Unique pelargonium, although I stand to be corrected on this - I just haven't come across another one.    "Phyllis" is a sport of the old variety, "Paton's Unique", and introduced by Hopley Nursery.  The stuning bright pink flowers with white 'eye' and feathering on the upper petals look fabulous against the green leaves edged in cream.

Leaves of the Unique Pelargonium "Phyllis"
"Phyllis" is quite difficult to propogate, so I was amazed to see these two standards at Gosbrook Pelargoniums Nursery when I visited on one their last Bank Holiday Open Days. 

"Phyllis" Unique Pelargonium grown as standards
Gosbrook Pelargoniums is a family run pelargonium nursery selling plants by Mail Order only based at Shrivenham, Oxfordhsire, but fairly close to Swindon.  
Some views of the nursery:-

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