Monday 20 June 2011

Pelargonium "Rushmoor Golden Ruffles" lives up to its name

Newly introduced this year, Rushmoor Golden Ruffles, hybridised by Steve Pollard, is a really stunning pelargonium.   It is a dwarf Stellar Pelargonium with gold leaves that have a light bronze zone.   The double flowers are a beautiful shade of pink with a white tip to the ends of the petals, giving it a shimmering glow.   Rushmoor Golden Ruffles is short jointed and very floriferous and will make a stunning show plant.

Rushmoor Golden Ruffles is only available for sale from Gosbrook Pelargoniums -

You might remember I have written in the past about the seedlings cousin Sue found in her pots of pelargoniums when we tidied them up last September.  She potted several of them up and grew them on over the winter. They are very health looking plants and now they have 'left home'.   Sue very kindly gave me one.  Mine has yet to flower, but Sue's has flowered planted out on her front doorstep.    It looks a lovely shade of pink and I think mine will be the same as I can see a little bit of colour showing on the buds.

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