Saturday 26 February 2011

Pelargonium 'Saxifragoides'

P 'Saxifragoides'

Pelargonium 'Saxifragoides' has to be one of the cutest pelargoniums with its dark green fleshy leaves measuring just about 1cm to 2cm and dark pink flowers of a similar size.   It is thought to be a hybrid of  P. peltatum, the ivy leaf pelargonium. 'Saxifragoides' means 'resembling a saxifrage' and I can only image that is referring to it being low growing.   P. 'Saxifragoides' was originally found at the Royal Horticultural Society garden at Chiswick before 1890 but it is not recorded where the plant was obtained.  

I've had crocus out in my garden for a couple of weeks or so now, but for some reason the sparrows always peck at the yellow ones before they open fully. They have not yet spotted these and so have been left to open fully.


  1. hi, found your blog through blotanical. What beautiful flowers you have captured. I love pelargoniums,they hardly survive our monsoon season but they are very pretty flowers indeed.


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