Tuesday 26 February 2019

Angel Pelargonium "Darmsden"

Angel Pelargonium "Darmsden" raised by Ray Bidwell and introduced before 1983.  I don't grow many Angel Pelargoniums and this is one I photographed in the National Collection of Pelargoniums at Fibrex Nurseries.

This last week I have been potting on the cuttings taken at the end of last summer.  I guess there is about a 90% success rate, so not bad.  I have, though, lost one plant I did not want to lose, but that happens.  I also took some cuttings of a few angel pelargoniums and coloured leaf zonals, and they are in the propagator with heat.

I am going to visit a pelargonium nursery in Sweden this weekend.   Last time I went I brought back a suitcase full of plants, albeit a small carry-on suitcase    I don't anticipate bringing back as many - I really don't have a lot of space in the greenhouse.

I will report on my trip to Sweden next time.


  1. The display of pelargonium with flaked petals is beautiful. I wish you brought some interesting seedlings from Sweden. Greetings.

  2. Hi Gwen,
    I think you are a beautiful rambler! It's always a pleasure to read of your experiences and your knowledge and advice are most welcome. Can you describe your `propagator with heat`please. I hope you have a good trip to Sweden, out of interest, do they have a mail order part of their business?
    Best Regards,

    1. Hello Peter - my propagator is a small tray with heat cables embedded in the base. Some have a heat control, but mine doesn't. The nursery is Sune Trygg - website: http://www.sunetrygg.se I am pretty sure they have a mail order side, but not sure if they send outside Sweden. Regards, Gwen


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