Saturday 27 January 2018

Miniature zonal pelargonium "Telstar" and the Iris at Morning Star Nursery

"Telstar" miniature zonal pelargonium

I got this miniature zonal "Telstar" when I visited Sulman's Nursery when they closed down many years ago.  It is quite a favourite of mine. The flowers are double and a deep rose pink with mid green foliage.  This was introduced by the Revd. Stringer in the UK in 1972.

On my visit to Australia last October my sister had arranged a visit to Morning Star Nursery.  This is .primarily an Iris nursery, but they also grow pelargoniums.  Sadly the owner, Anne Hazel, had lost her partner earlier in the year and the pelargonium part of the nursery was rather run down. Anne was determined, though, to build up the pelargoniums again.   There were many gems amongst the pelargoniums, and I wished I could have stayed and helped Anne to sort out the plants.  

The iris field was just beginning to come into its full glory and we all spent a very pleasant hour wandering around the field admiring the blooms and taking photographs. 

I look forward to visiting again on my next visit to Adelaide.   However, I think I will take Wellington boots to wear.  We had wondered why Anne was wearing wellington boots on such a hot day.  After we had left, she let it be known that she always wore her boots when walking around the nursery because snakes often sheltered amongst the iris plants.


  1. I love to look at Morning Star Facebook page,as irises what they grow are gorgeous.Lucky you ,seen all by your self.

  2. Beautiful geraniums and irises. I would probably be afraid to walk between them if you can meet snakes there. Regards.


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