Monday 8 May 2017

Angel Pelargonium "Simple Sister"

"Simple Sister" - Angel Pelargonium

One of the earliest pelargoniums to flower in my greenhouse "Simple Sister" has, as her name suggests, simple flowers of white with a large pink blotch on each petal.  It is most charming as it is covered in these simple flowers all summer long. It has an upright growth habit, with small leaves. Raised by Jay Kapac, USA

I have just taken down the bubble wrap and hoping we don't get a sudden hard frost as we did last week.    I have also made a start on potting on the plants I brought back from Sweden.  They are in 3 1/2" black square pots, and most of them now are desperate to be moved on into a larger pot.   

I've also made a start on potting up a few more Unique's and larger scented pelargoniums into planters for display outside in the summer. I did lose some over the winter, but have replacements.   I will be so pleased to get these planters out of the greenhouse and into their summer home.   They are moved outside each day to harden off and hope they can be moved out permanently by the end of this month.  

Hanging Pots have also been potted up with Ivy Leaf Pelargoniums and hope for a good display this summer.    I think there are six hanging pots, each with a different variety of Ivy Leaf Pelargonium.

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