Saturday 14 March 2015


Angel Pelargonium - 'Berkswell Sparkler'
I've not grown Berkswell Sparkler for a few years now, but it is one I would like to get back.  Hybridised by Malcolm Harris, he introduced this in 2005 through Derek Lloyd Dean who holds the National Collection of Angel Pelargoniums.  Sadly his nursery is now closed.

I do have a fondness for the angels, but I do find them a bit tricky to grow.  They need more watering than the zonals and, like me, whitefly love them as well!   However, I can't resist having a few angel pelargoniums  my collection and, having said I find growing them tricky, cuttings are a doddle.

Club cuttings first week in March

Speaking of cuttings, these are my Club cuttings earlier this week before I re-potted them into 3.5" pots.  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly plants grow - just look at all those side shoots!  

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