Tuesday 16 December 2014

Stellar Pelargonium "Pat Hannam" - and my seedlings

Stellar Pelargonium "Pat Hannam"

This Stellar Pelargonium was introduced in 2001 by the late Brian West through Fibrex Nurseries.  It has very pale pink single flowers with dark veining to each petal.

My own seedlings have recently been potted on and I am quite pleased with how they are looking.   The red leaves are because we had a slight  frost one night that I was not prepared for. It's not a problem as I will remove them and new leaves will grow again.   In fact, it's not a bad thing to remove a few leaves as it allows more air to the plant to avoid botrytis.

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  1. They are very pretty and good that you already have the seedlings. Regards.


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