Wednesday 31 October 2012


Pelargonium Jake Moss
Released only this year through Gosbrook Pelargoniums, and hybridised by Steve Pollard,  Pelargonium Jake Moss is a basic zonal which makes a compact plant.  The flowers are single and of a beautiful mauve/pink colour with a white eye.  Quite stunning.  

I've been taking into the greenhouse in my pots of pelargoniums that have been outside all summer.   These are mainly scented, but one or two zonals.  Having checked the zonals thoroughly for signs of rust, I cut all the plants back. All pots are checked for any bugs, slugs, snails, etc., not forgetting underneath the pots.  I took a few cuttings of the scented leaf varieties.  I don't do much with these - just trim five cuttings and place them around the edge of a pot, together with a label with the name of the plant; this is Clorinda.  These are placed under the bench and don't take up much room.  In the spring I find that most of the cuttings have rooted and I can easily pot them on singly into 3" pots.

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  1. Kwiatuszki tej pelargonii są śliczne. Pozdrawiam.
    This geranium flowers are beautiful. Yours.


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